5 Words-The Out-9

The Out-9 awoke from cryogenic stasis amid a blaze of red flashing light and blasting claxons. The genetically modified planet busters scrambled across the flight deck, landing in their respective stations. A double injection of adrenaline from the machines had hopped up their heartrate to twice the speed of light as they hurried to save their ship from splashing through the hot plasma of a solar flare.

“I need a Status Report!” shouted Janine Clark, Out-9 Lead Engineer.

“Hot as a fajita in Hades on Independence Day!” shouted back Dwayne Jackson, Out-9 Lead Diagnostics.

“And our shield is at 13%,” added Silvia Dawson, Out-9 Assistant Diagnostics.

“Fantastic,” said Johnny Ngu, Out-9 Assistant Engineer, under his breath.

“How long we got?” shouted Hawke Dawkins, Out-9 Project Manager.

“About 11 seconds!” shouted back Silvia.

“Crud,” said Hawke. “Short jump now!”

“We’re too close! We’re gonna end up between two chunks of granite or in the soup!” shouted Ezekiel Finnegan, Out-9 Captain.

“After that cryo, I’m hungry enough to eat granite soup,” said Isaiah Finnegan, Out-9 Co-pilot.

Rosalina Salvador, Out-9 Lead Terraformer, and Sanjiro Tahata, Out-9 Assistant Terraformer, held on to their seats and tried to keep control of their bodily functions.

“Aim 17 degrees below the elliptical of that yellow planet and punch it!” shouted Janine.

“We’re gonna hit!” shouted back Ezekiel.

“We’ll just miss!” shouted Janine

“Three seconds!” shouted Silvia.

“Do it, now!” shouted Hawke, pointing at the yellow planet.

The world froze, blurred, streaked, bent, twisted, warp, wrapped, and popped back about 500 feet above a mountainous sand dune.

“Crud,” said Hawke.

For 5 Words-5/17/2016

© Tyler M Deal. All Rights Reserved.


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