Archipelago: Longan’s Treasure-Prologue

Upside down is a bad direction. It’s the worst direction when you consider where it was taking Baron. The meerkat was hanging upside down for a bamboo pole thinking, “Why does this always happen to me?” Swinging behind him was a koala, looking very at home there. To add insult to injury, they were being carried off by a dozen mice with long tails with fluff at the end. They had to sit on each other’s shoulders just to be tall enough for the prisoners not to drag the ground.

“Why, Bindi, why do you do this to me?”

“Oi! Some thanks oi git fer sharin moi treashuh!”

“Maybe you haven’t noticed, but we’ve yet to find any treasure. In fact, all we’ve found is pain and a lazy lizard. I’m done with this expedition.”

“C’mon now, mate. Et’s not all thaht bad. Weather’s noice. In fact, oi think it moight rain… Oi said, oi think it moight rain!”

“What are you…?”

Suddenly, a lizard, a tuatara, dropped from the sky. The mice at the front of the pole squeaked in surprise and fell in a big pile. Baron went headfirst into the forest floor. A moment later, Bindi was pulling him to his feet and telling him to run. He grabbed the tuatara as he passed by and the chase was on. Baron spit out a leaf as he caught up with the koala.

“When were you going to let me in on the plan?”

“Roight about now… Run!”

Baron took a look back just long enough to see a wave of mice crashing down behind them. Tiny spears and drawn bows bobbed up and down menacingly. Baron turned back around.

“Why does this always happen to meeeeeeeeee…!” The meerkat disappeared down a dark tunnel in the forest floor.

© Tyler M Deal. All Rights Reserved.


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