Hamster Story-Chapter 2: Scooter’s Day Out

Finally, I was dry. It was past midday and it felt like we had been walking forever.

“It feels like we’ve been walking forever. Let’s take a break.”

“Joo’re the boss, amigo.”

I looked around and finding a stalk of wheatgrass, I bent it down and plucked off the head. One by one, I picked out the seeds and stuffed them into my right cheek. I repeated this several times until both of my cheeks were filled with seeds. I used to do that at home and make funny faces in the mirror.

My cheeks were about to pop, but I thought maybe I could fit a few more in there. So, I grabbed one more stalk, and when I pulled it down close to my face, I saw two gigantic black eyes almost touching mine. It was a jumping spider. And do you know what jumping spiders do? They jump. On your face. And that’s what he did. I started screaming and swatting at my face and when I did, seeds shot out everywhere. Rollo tried to help me, but he ended up getting buried under a pile of soggy wheatgrass seeds.

“Get it off! Get it off!”

Eventually, the spider jumped down on his own and just stared at me. Rollo crawled out from under the pile of seeds.

“Yo Hammy, what is joor problem? Are joo loco or something?”

“Sorry, Rollo. He just scared me.”

“Yeah, well, yust be more careful next time. Joo could have keelled me. Hey, I think he likes joo.” The little black-and-white striped spider kept staring at me intently, shooting back-and-forth in a circle.

“How can you tell?”

“I know these things, Sam’igo.”

“Do you like me?” The little spider started to scoot around again in a circle. “He does like me. You aren’t so hideous. No you’re not! No you’re not! You’re not hideous. I think I’ll call you… Scooter. Do you like that?” The spider went around in a circle again and stopped.

“Come on, Scooter, let’s go see Mama.” Scooter hopped up on my leg and ran around to my back where he decided to ride. “That tickles!”

“Yust keep that thing away from me okay. He’s gross”, said Rollo as we started walking again.

About an hour later we finally came to the edge of the forest. The trees loomed dark and foreboding, stretching out in both directions like a wall. It seemed very quiet. Then, suddenly…!

“Who goes there?! Stop if you treasure your eyes!” A fierce mockingbird swooped down with a flourish of feathers. Rollo looked extremely unamused.

“What is joor problem? Joo know who I am. I was yust here like two days ago.”

“I said who goes there?!” Sticking his beak tip close to Rollo’s face. Rollo sighed.

“Okay. My name is Rollo and this is Samson. We’re here to see Mama, to see if she can help him get home.” He said, flicking the bird’s beak.

“Mama can do anything! But there’s no way I’m letting… What is that?!” The bird shrieked as Scooter climbed onto my shoulder. I looked at him, his eyes wide, black, and fixed on the bird.

“This is Scooter. Say hi, Scooter.” The spider zipped through the air and landed on his face. And he totally freaked out. I wish you had been there. It was great. After a lot of screaming and flailing, he flew away and Scooter jumped down and came back to me. Rollo and I laughed.

“Hey, Spidey, joo’re okay.”

“Haha, who was that guy?”

“That was Rocky. They named him that, because that’s what his head is made out of.”

“Haha, yeah, that guy was a jerk. What now?”

Rollo shrugged. “Want to find some fruit?”

“Yeah, I do!”

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© Tyler M Deal. All Rights Reserved.


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