5 Words-Song of Seven


For 5 Words-5/25/2016 #5words

“Seven bottles,

Seven promises,

Seven lands,

Seven friends.

Seek the first in land of stone.

Search beneath a tree alone.

Seek the second below the tide,

Shifting sands is where it hides.

Seek the third in forest old,

Start at the field with fluffy fold.

Seek the fourth in ice and snow,

Swirling lights above with glowing eyes below.

Seek the fifth in scorching heat,

Scorpions scuttle beneath your feet.

Seek the sixth in mirror lake,

Shines the one that isn’t fake.

Seek the seventh on mountain tall,

Summit the top and find the fall.

Stand with friends beneath the sun,

Save our world from the Endless One.

© Tyler M Deal. All Rights Reserved.


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