For Harambe

For Harambe. You’ll always live on in our hearts and imaginations.

“Alright, alright, gather round you funky monkeys!” said King Harambe, adjusting his gold crown with a giant palm. “The race will begin in 5 minutes!” He flipped an hourglass.

The assortment of monkeys and apes before him threw their arms into the air, hooting and hollering.

“Okay, okay, settle down,” said King Harambe, laughing. “Now! The race will begin on Pistachio Peak. From there, it’s down Double Dip Slope, across Banana Split, and through Sugar Sprinkle Dunes. First one to reach Cookie Canyon wins!”

The racers hooted and hollered more before climbing atop their various skis, boards, sleds, and so on. As the last bits of sugar fell through the hourglass, King Harambe began the countdown.

“Ready, set,” King Harambe used his powerful arms to send his surfboard shooting forward down the slope. “Go! Hahaha!”

Fresh cream had fallen on Pistachio Peak, and the racers scooped it into their mouths by the handfuls as they carved up the mountainside.

An orangutan on a snowboard cut across King Harambe’s path, spraying him with a wave of ice cream.

“It’s like that, is it?” said King Harambe, laughing.

The great silverback beat his chest. A shockwave boomed across the mountain starting an avalanche.

King Harambe caught up to the orangutan while hanging ten. The orangutan’s long arms were waving in the air when a pair of ice cream snowballs hit him in the face. Two chimps holding hands and sharing a pair of skis flew by in an uproar.

“Haha! Gotta watch out for the twins!” said King Harambe. “Uh-oh, here we go!”

Pistachio Peak gave way to Double Dip Slope. The racers plunged down the smooth chocolate shell. All of their monkey cheeks flapped in the wind as they gained momentum.

“This is it!” shouted King Harambe as they approached the slope.

Whoosh! The racers were airborne. King Harambe did a handstand on his surfboard, the orangutan flapped his arms like a bird, the twins hugged each other and screeched, and three capuchins stuck out their tongues as they flew by on a toboggan.

They all glided over a giant banana wedged between Double Dip Slope and the Sugar Sprinkle Dunes before landing with a splash of colorful sprinkles. The capuchins were ahead as they crested the next dune.

“You won’t win that easily!” laughed King Harambe, pouring on the speed.

Soon, the silverback, the orangutan, the chimps, and the capuchins were neck and neck as more racers approached from behind. Cookie Canyon came into view. King Harambe looked back and forth at his friends. The orangutan was eating ice cream off his fur, the chimps were throwing sprinkles, and the capuchins were wrestling over a banana. King Harambe looked into the sky and laughed.

“Hahaha! This is heaven!”

Story  © Tyler M Deal 2016. All Rights Reserved.


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