Young Readers Focus Group



Hello everyone! If you follow my blog then you’ve probably noticed that I publish a lot of content for children of all ages. I plan to put many of these works, along with some others, into either compilations or chapter books. Here’s where you folks can help me out!

I’m looking for young readers to critique my work. So, if you have children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, students, please share some of my works with them and let me know what they think! Below, I’ll provide a list of links to several pieces that can be found here on the blog. Leave me a comment and let me know what they thought! Thank you and enjoy!

The Legend of General Tso


Seaside Gentry

Archipelago: Longan’s Treasure-Prologue

Barney the Sheep

Crazy Uncles and Pomegranates

Strange Bed Fellows

Nitro! Frog: Profrogue

Nitro! Frog-Chapter 1: I Got Skills

Nitro! Frog-Chapter 2: Meanies Attack!

Nitro! Frog-Chapter 3: Equips!

Nitro! Frog-Chapter 4: Find the Golden Frog!

A Hamster Story: Prologue

A Hamster Story-Chapter 1: It All Began…

A Hamster Story-Chapter 2: Scooter’s Day Out 


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