Knights of Gallaston Act 1: The Passage

Percival struggled to stand straight, look stoic, and focus, but inside was an electric chaos of excitement. This was it, his first assignment as a real Gallaston Castle guard. Working in the castle was every frog’s dream. Becoming a Gallaston Knight was a fairy tale, and yet, Percival was on his way to doing just that.

It wasn’t long before his daydreams of fighting machines and defending the King took over, and he began swinging his spear at invisible foes.

Hah! Yah! Begone evil Steamworks!” Percival shouted under his breath.

Misjudging the length of his spear, he jabbed backward and slammed the butt of the spear soundly against the stone wall. The spear reverberated in his hands as a loud echo poured down the hallway. Percival quickly stood stock-straight against the wall, hoping no one had seen him.

After a few moments, no one appeared, and Percival let go of his breath. Then there was a loud crash behind him. Percival sprang forward and spun almost losing his balance.

A section of the wall had collapsed where he had struck it. Percival approached. A cool gust of dusty air blew across his face.

“Is this… a hidden passage?”


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