Poem – Hatoshi Sat

Hatoshi sat.

He sat by a winding river of shimmering green water.

Green water, that cascaded clear over beautiful white pebbles.

The pebbles were smooth and round, like bellies of fish above.

Fish that fed Hatoshi.

Hatoshi stood.

He stood and walked a winding path.

The winding path cut through a lush bamboo grove.

Bamboo that was tall and strong, like “the man of the forest”.

“The man of the forest” that watched Hatoshi.

Hatoshi stopped.

He stopped to see an animal that had died.

A dead animal that rotted and gave life.

Life within insects, life within the earth.

The earth that only gave to Hatoshi.

Hatoshi walked.

He walked in a circle.

A circle of going and returning.

Going and returning like the green water river.

The river flowing before Hatoshi.

Hatoshi sat.


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