Series – The Exo-Explorers – Issue 001


“Sweet stratigraphy!” Reginole Tokage exclaimed.

The two-foot-tall dinosaur-like creature studied the screen of a small device in his right hand as he waved it back and forth over the ground. Dark shapes panned across the screen accompanied by a multitude of readouts. Physical dimensions, material compositions, computations, and simulations poured into Reginole’s photographic memory. He didn’t need a memory bank. He was a memory bank.

Reginole stood still and waited for the device to finish compiling the data. It dinged loudly as if to say “popcorn’s ready”. He spoke out loud as he tapped in commands.

“Area: 4,000 square meters… 50 meters by 80 meters… depth: 20 meters. Add some stairs…”

Reginole reached into one of his many vest pockets, retrieved a small metallic cube and tossed it on the ground. His long whip of a tail stood out stiffly behind him as he scurried away across the sunbaked earth.

After reaching a safe distance, the lizard punched in a few final commands and tapped the side of his goggles. The round, hyper crystal lenses zoomed in on the cube.

“Execute!” Reginole shouted, stuffing the device into a vest pocket.

Issue 002


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