Blog – Writing Roadblocks

Hello Readers, Writers, Teachers, and Children! Like every writer, I suffer from a number of problems that threaten to strangle my creativity. Some I’ve learned how to deal with, others continue to plague me. That got me thinking.

Here, we have an almost endless community of writers. We don’t all have all the same problems, but we all have some of the same problems, and, no doubt, we all have different solutions to different problems. So, why not connect those with problems to those with solutions?

In this series, we will be exploring both common and complex issues that prevent us from being the most creative, most excited, most successful writers that we can be. I invite you to leave your problems, solutions, and grievances in the comments below. With each post, we will discuss a different writing roadblock and how we can plow through it.

Let’s get to work and keep that love of writing burning bright!


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