Series – The Exo-Explorers – Issue 002


Issue 001

The metal cube melted away into the earth. A few moments later, the outlines of a rectangle exactly 50 meters by 80 meters began to appear on the ground. Gradually, the ground within the rectangle sank as a mound of dirt rose nearby.

Reginole was beside himself, hopping about on one foot then the other.

“Oh, my beautiful little bots, I do love you so! What will it be, what wiiiiill…” Reginole stopped talking to himself and glanced sideways at a fat, purple cactus in the distance.

“…Er hm. This truly is my favorite part! Oh wait! No! the exploring! No… the…” He stopped again and stared at the cactus. The exo-archaeologist laughed to himself nervously.

“Just the light being distorted by heated gases rising from the ground. Nothing more, nothing more, old boy, old sport, old… scales.”

Reginole looked back at the dig site where two feet of earth had already been excavated. A panel of rusty metal had appeared, standing on end.

“Oh! It’s a, it’s a, it’s… a…”

The cactus was standing right next to him.


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