Photo Prompt – The Nature of Writing #4


Hello Readers, Writers, Teachers, and Children! I often take inspiration from nature when I’m writing, and I love to photograph flowers, trees, insects, and anything else that will be still long enough. So, I’ve decided to combine the two with The Nature of Writing photo prompt.

I spent three nights trying to photograph this caterpillar. He disappeared every morning and reappeared each night on whichever leaf he was eating the night before. I don’t know what species he belongs to, but he’s got a wild fashion sense. Fake black antenna (or eyestalks?), fluffy tail, and a row of white poof balls.


I finally got this picture by laying on my back on the stairs and aiming a headlamp at the adjacent leaves while trying to get the zoom just right. It was worth it.

Take this photo for inspiration and run with it! Whatever you happen to discover, leave it or link it in the comments below. And remember to stop and smell the garlic blossoms!


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