Series – Nitro! Frog – Issue 003



Issue 002

Nitro tapped the USE button next to FISHING. There was an electric buzz in the air as a fishing rod materialized in front of him and dropped into his hands. It was tricolor yellow, orange, and red, just like Nitro’s shirt. There was a bobber painted with flames, and a plain hook hung from the end of the line. Nitro was drooling over his new rod when his expression suddenly changed.

“Hey, wait… Where’s the bait?”

“It doesn’t come with bait. You can try to find some, but I would suggest getting the GATHERING skill to make it easier. You’ll have a better knowledge of what you’re looking for. Of course, you could get the CRAFTING skill. That would teach you how to make lures. ISN’T THIS SO EXCITING!” Gloria said, with flames in her eyes.

“Hmm…” Nitro weighed the options. “I’ll just get both!”

After both tutorials played through Nitro’s mind, he looked around at his friends with a giant grin. Then he began laughing maniacally.

“Hahaha! Do not feel ashamed. It isn’t your fault that you aren’t masters like me. Keep trying, you’ll get it one day. Hahaha!” Every frog stared at him like he was insane. “Now stand back and watch the master at work!”


Nitro looked around the beach. He felt as though he had super detective powers as objects jumped out at him. He grabbed a forked stick from the sand and spun it through a spiderweb glistening in a nearby almond tree. His R.I.B.B.E.T.S. suddenly called out.

Obtained Net!

“Hahaha!” Nitro laughed again as everyone watched.

He leapt into the ocean with a splash and returned with a single tiny shrimp wiggling in the net.

Obtained Tiny Shrimp!

Nitro put the shrimp on his hook and tossed it into the ocean. Everyone watched as ten minutes went by. Nitro started to fidget uncomfortably.

“C’mon, fish. Don’t make me look dumb. Here, fishy fishy,” Nitro whispered to the ocean.

Suddenly, the bobber bounced and sank! Nitro snatched the rod back and started reeling.

“This is it! Oh, it’s a giant shark! No, a whale! Here it comes!”

With one last great pull, the fish came flying out of the water. Nitro watched in horror as a miniature sardine glided through the air in slow motion. It landed inaudibly on the sand. There was no sound except for the gently breaking waves. Then…

Obtained Miniature Sardine!

Nitro quietly flicked the fish back into the water. There was an eruption of laughter from the group.

Issue 004



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