Flash Fiction – Freeze Dried


Zippy Flash Fiction

Inspired by: 5 Words #70

Galahad’s eyes flung open as he gasped back to life. He rolled onto his side, choking on the thick oxygen that burned his dormant lungs. Blearily, he looked around the room. Repair Wing 120 was painted in big, red letters above the door.

“Where am I?”

A nurse droid quickly wheeled across the room.

“Just relax now. You’re safe,” it said, nudging him back into bed with silicone tipped fingers. “What is the last thing that you remember?”

Galahad put a hand to his forehead. He rubbed his eyes, the fogginess beginning to lift.

“There was an explosion… I was getting off my shift at the osmium mine on Carpasia.”

“And what year was that?”

“What year?” Galahad said incredulously.


Galahad stared into the robot’s dead mechanical eyes.

“416.” The droid seemed to be waiting for more information. “A.E…”

“Ah. And what is your species?”

“My spe…! Dasypus Sapiens,” Galahad said, despondent.

“Recorded. Thank you.”

“How… Exactly what happened? Why am I here?”

“Your remains were discovered on an osmium-rich asteroid in the Silactic Belt…”

“Remains?! I was dead?”

“Mummified, actually. Crushed beneath approximately 600 tons of salt.”

Galahad looked down at his scaly arms and tapped two long claws together. His stomach fell out from under him as he felt the rush of time passing him by.

“What… what year is it?”

“1437 T.C.E.”

“How long ago was 416 A.E.?”

“Approximately 53 million years.”

Galahad gulped. His throat felt dry.

“Yeah… that’s what I thought.”


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Series – The Flowerman – Issue 003


Issue 002

Two deep green eyes blinked slowly beneath the canopy of petals. They were glazed and tired. The three root tips that made up its fingers scratched at the ground and pointed toward the reflection pool.

Triff stared into the creature’s eyes.

“It needs water,” Triff said.

“How do you know?” Crest asked.

The Flowerman blinked and flexed its fingers.

“It’s telling us,” Triff said. Crest stared at her for a moment, conflicted.

“Okay… do you think it’s safe to touch him?”

Triff considered the danger for a moment, then dismissed it.

“I don’t know, but we can’t let it die. This discovery is too important.” She took off her lab coat and laid it over the creature, lifting it up without touching it. “We have to get it to Hydroponics. This water is filthy.” She sneered at the reflection pool. “And Crest… Let’s not tell anyone about this just yet.”

Crest sighed, then nodded.

“Okay, but first…” Crest wrapped the lab coat loosely around the creature until only its bloom was showing. “If anyone asks, we’ll say we’re working on a new growth serum..”

Triff nodded.

“Let’s hurry.”

Issue 004

Blog – What Topics Interest You?


Hello Readers, Writers, Teachers, and Children! I have several nonfiction article series planned for the coming months, (I’m stuck at home, what else am I gonna do?) and I’d like to know what topics interest you?

Would you like to hear reviews on literature or analyses of classic books?

Do you want to understand how gravity works or how a tree decides whether to grow leaves or fruit?

Have you wondered what it was like to live in ancient Egypt or why Bluetooth is called Bluetooth? (It’s named after a Viking.)

Let me know your thoughts and interests, and maybe you’ll find a short, easy-to-read article here to answer your questions!

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