Poem – Anatomy of a Strange Man in Love

How can I put this?

What can I say?

Why do my words roll and tumble

And trip and catch in my throat

So that what I say

Is neither what I meant

Nor what I wished to convey?

They pour out,

A jumble of letters on the floor

And what they mean is,

“I love you.”

How all the winsome words

Form and dance and sing

In my head.

And from my finger tips

A beautiful sonata flies.

Down on paper

I can show you

Who I am inside.

But why,

Why do the words not fly

From my lips so shy.

They fly and fall

And smash to the floor.

And you ask me “why?”

I do not know why.

I do not know.

It tears me.

It rips me inside.

When my heart speaks,

My mind is blank

And I stutter.

I stutter and sigh,

“I love you.”

Forgive me please.

It’s foolish it seems.

I feel foolish

And still I cannot speak.

I wish to say:

“Your beauty is like the sun

And down on me it shines.

It parts the rain.

It warms my life.

Your lips are like blossoms.

Soft and delicate.

For a kiss so sweet,

Anything, my love.

Your touch leaves me helpless.

It melts into me

And gives me life.

Your skin is like mahogany.

It makes me blush inside

And drives me mad.

Your eyes are wide and deep.

Your gaze makes me naked.

Oh, for eternity

Should I be lost within them!”

But when my heart speaks,

My mind tumbles.

My jaw is tight

And I am lost.

So many words rush up

And catch in my throat.

And what escapes is only,

“I love you.”


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