Series – The Flowerman – Issue 004



Issue 003

Triff and Crest slipped through a side door and hurried toward the Botanicals Wing. Triff was careful not to look directly at the surveillance cameras, catching them in her peripheral vision. Crest grabbed the back of her elbow and slowed her pace.

Hydroponics was two doors down on the left. Triff had a beehive in her stomach. It was quite illegal to bring unauthorized specimens into the facility. She struggled not to leap the remaining distance. A door swung open and shut. She stopped abruptly almost dropping her cargo.

An aging man in a white lab coat stood in the hallway staring down at a clipboard. Triff looked at him, then looked at the sign above the door across from him.



Crest urged her forward. She shuffled toward the door and turned when the scientist looked up over thick glasses and whistled.

“Now that’s really somethin’!” he said. “Where’d you get it?”

“Well… er…” Triff stammered.

“We grew it,” Crest stepped in. “New growth serum we’ve been developing. Initial results are,” he gestured to the flower, “promising!”

“I’ll say! Keep up the good work!” the scientist said, returning to his business.

Triff and Crest fell into the hydroponics lab, slamming the door behind them. Triff took a deep breath and sighed, slumping against the door. She was beginning to relax when a voice startled her.

“Oh, hi Triff! Whatcha got there?”

Issue 005


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